Rules and Info

- All submissions must be ANONYMOUS. Please do not post or continue your story anywhere until after the winners have been announced.
- You may promote the contest and say that you entered, but if you in any way reveal which story is yours to anyone other than your Beta and the designated Secret Keepers you will be immediately disqualified. Additionally, once your entry is posted, please do not reply to reviews for your story until the contest is over and winners are announced.
- All entries must be original, and new for this contest. Participants are more than welcome to continue the story after the contest concludes.
- Entries must be Complete (You can continue your entry after the contest, but "To be continued..." endings are not allowed)
- All entries must fit within the theme of the contest or they will be sent back.
- Collaborations are welcome.
- Limit of two per person/collaboration.
- Participants must be 17 or older.
- Minimum of 3,000 words and maximum of 10,000 words. (not counting header and author’s notes)
- All POV’s welcome.
- Genre must be Sci-Fi/Horror to fit within the contest theme.
- Rape and pedophilia are not allowed, however due to the nature of the contest and it's theme, we have slightly more relaxed rules than in the past. If your story contains any of the following "triggers" you must include a warning - (violence toward children or animals, extreme gore, bestiality)
- All o/s must be BETA’d. We will be validating all entries for grammar, spelling, etc. (If there are a large number of errors or the story has issues with readability, then your entry will be sent back to you so that you may edit and revise before resubmitting)
All Pairings Welcome Canon or Non-Canon
- All Human/Canon/Alternate Universe are all allowed.
- Lemons are allowed but are not required.
- All Entries must include the heading below.

Submission Heading:
Tales From The Void2 Contest
Pen Name:
Word Count:
Summary: (384 Character Limit)
Warning :

Important Dates
Entries will be accepted September 14, 2012- October 23, 2012
Public voting will begin October 24, 2012 - October 30, 2012
Winners Announced October 31, 2012